Online Casino Guide UK: For Beginners and Experts

Enhance Your Wagering Experience

There’s no doubt that online casinos are big business in the UK, and both desktop and mobile sites are becoming increasingly popular. Players go to online casinos in order to be entertained and hoping that they will be fortunate enough to win a little bit of cash, but if you want to have an entertaining time at an online casino you should always make sure you gamble responsibly, and never with money that you cannot afford to lose.

You can also enhance your wagering experience with this complete online casino guide for players in the UK, beginners and experts alike.

UK Regulations

Here are a few UK regulations that you need to be aware of in order to keep yourself safe while playing at online casinos.

  • You cannot wager at an online casino if you are under 18 years of age. Many sites may now ask for evidence (such as an image of a passport or driving licence) of your age before you can deposit money at their site.
  • You should only wager at online casinos that have a United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence. Other licensing authorities exist (such as the Malta Gaming Authority), but all UK-facing online casinos must have a UKGC licence.
  • UK online casinos cannot make bonus offers that award you with ‘free spins’ – they must be called ‘bonus spins’ or something similar.
  • You cannot play games ‘for free’ at an online casino (or elsewhere) unless you have signed up and registered at the site when the game is offered.
  • If you self-exclude at a site (i.e. you decide to take a temporary or permanent break from an online casino site) you will be automatically excluded from all sites run by the company who run the site that you have self-excluded from (from March 2020).
  • You cannot use a credit card to fund your gambling at an online casino (from April 2020). You can use debit cards, bank transfers or eWallets.

Slots Strategy Guide

Many people hunt around internet for ‘secret tricks’ that will enhance their chances of winning money on online video slots. In truth, there is only one way to win with online slots – pure good fortune!

The best strategy guide for slots is to choose entertaining slots (like NetEnt’s Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest or Microgaming’s Immortal Romance) with high RTPs. The higher a slot’s RTP, the more chance you have of hitting a winning streak and ending up with more money than you put in.

Key also is successful bankroll management (see below). If you want to play entertaining online video slots for real money, the managing your bankroll is crucial. Once you start eating into money you’ve set aside for other important considerations (such as paying the bills) slots cease to be entertaining, and end up being stressful.

Our Top 10 Tips for Playing at Online Casinos

Here are ten tips that will really enhance your experience playing at an online casino.

  • Don’t think that playing at online casinos will provide you with a regular source of income, as it won’t.
  • Choose slots that are made by the software companies NetEnt and Microgaming. These companies have a very good reputation for making some of the best slots ever released to the market. They have excellent graphics and thrilling sound FX.
  • Learn about Game RTPs. RTP stands for ‘Return-to-Play’ and is the expected percentage of money a player will have remaining after a prolonged playing session. Choose games with high RTPs over low ones.
  • If you see an internet site offering ‘the roulette system that online casinos do not want you to know about’ ignore it. In four hundred years no one has come up with a fool-proof roulette system, and no one ever will. The same goes for any gambling game.
  • If you are playing blackjack learn about perfect strategy
  • If you are intent on playing roulette at an online casino avoid playing American roulette. Choose European or French roulette as the odds are better. American roulette wheels have a ‘0’ and a ‘00’.
  • Give video poker a try. It’s a great game that’s often neglected. It also typically has a very high RTP.
  • Don’t fall for the ‘gambler’s fallacy’ which states that the less frequent an event happens in the past, the more likely it is the happen in the future. If you spin a coin and it lands heads, it is not more likely to land tails next time around. On every spin, the odds are the same: 50:50.
  • When playing blackjack, never take insurance. It’s a bad bet.
  • Above all, have fun! Gambling should be for entertainment purposes, not for expecting to win oodles of cash!

How to Get the Best Bonus Offers

There are several types of bonuses offered by online casinos. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Welcome bonus – a bonus you receive on your first deposit at the casino. Usually, the site will match your initial bonus amount with the same amount in bonus cash up to a specific amount, say 100 percent matched up to £100.
  • Bonus spins ­– a fixed number of ‘free’ spins on a specific slot, or a range of slots, or all the slots at the site. Winnings from your bonus spins are usually paid as bonus money, and not as money that is immediately withdrawable.
  • No-deposit bonus – a bonus for which you do not have to make a deposit. This is ‘free’ bonus cash. Such offers are now hard to find.
  • High roller bonus – bonuses for which a large amount has to be deposited. Sites tend not to advertise their high-roller bonuses. Instead, you need to contact the casino to see if they will offer you one.
  • Reload bonus – identical to a welcome bonus except that its offered on deposits after your initial deposit.

As you become accustomed to online casino bonuses, you’ll soon be able to work out which offers are worth your while, and which are best avoided. You can of course keep one eye on the bonus news right here at!

Your Guide to Managing Your Online Gaming Bankroll

Like all things in your day-to-day life, you should set aside a certain amount of cash for your online casino play. It’s disposable income, so it should only be calculated once you’ve worked out how much you need for food, utilities, rent and all your other crucial expenses.

When it comes to successful bankroll management, most people use the ten percent rule. You should never gamble more than ten percent of your bankroll in any one playing session, and you never should gamble more than ten percent of that on any one spin or hand.

Say you have a monthly bankroll of £100. That means you should only play with £10 in any one session, and no spin or hand should cost you more than £1. Once the £10 has gone, you end the session and wait until tomorrow. Once the £100 has gone you should wait until the following month.

You should always quit while you are ahead too. If you start a session with £10 and reach £20, stop. If you start with a monthly pot of £100 and reach £200 stop – withdraw £100 and spend it on something else and you have your £100 ready for next month!

Never, ever, EVER chase your losses. When your money has gone, it’s gone.

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Here at we have a number of tools by which you can enhance your UK online casino wagering experience. First and foremost, we review all the latest and already-established online casino sites available to UK players. We also have news of the latest bonus offers, and information portals where you can learn all about slots, blackjack, roulette and all the other amazing online casino games.

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How do I begin playing?

Look through our reviews and choose one of our recommended online casinos. Complete the registration process, make your deposit (and grab your bonus if available) and start playing!

How do I know my credentials are safe and secure?

If the site has a UKGC licence, then you are okay. To obtain such a licence an online casino must prove it uses encryption technology.

How do I get the most value when playing at an online casino?

Choose the best games from the leading providers, manage your bankroll and gamble responsibly.

What games are available at online casinos?

All online casinos have online video slots, and most also have blackjack and roulette. Other games may include baccarat, video poker, casino poker, scratch cards, craps, keno, sic bo, pai gow poker and virtual sports. Many casinos will also have table games that you can play ‘as live’.

Can I withdraw winnings immediately?

If won with your own money, then yes. If won with bonus money then you will have to complete wagering expectations first.