Ritz Bingo Kings Lynn

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Ritz Bingo Kings Lynn Information

Address: Theatre Royal/St James Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 5BZ.

Opening Times:

Hours:3pm – 10pm11am – 10pm3pm – 10pm11am – 10pm12pm – 10pm11am – 10pm11am – 10pm

Official website: www.ritzbingokingslynn.co.uk

Phone number: 01553 772870.

Email: N/A

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RitzBingo.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ritzbingo



  • On-site Parking


When you think of ‘The Ritz’, you probably think of the Ritz Hotel in London, a luxury five-star hotel in the capital where it costs a mere £500 for a room for the night. It’s known as one of leading hotels in the world, and was so named after its first owner, Cesar Ritz. The world ‘Ritz’ has since become associated with luxury and the best in services and while Ritz Bingo in Kings Lynn cannot quite match its namesake for glamour, it’s still a fine place for some bingo entertainment in Norfolk.

This bingo hall is in quite an historic Kings Lynn building. It was originally a theatre called ‘The Theatre Royal’ but after a fire was repurposed as a cinema. Bingo has been played at this venue since the 1960s. The hall is owned by Ritz Bingo who also own a bingo club in Wokingham, Berkshire.

The opening times of the Ritz Bingo hall in Kings Lynn vary throughout the week with late openings (3pm) on Mondays and Wednesdays but an 11am opening the rest of the week (except on Fridays when it opens at noon). Each evening, the bingo club closes at ten.

There are plenty of bingo sessions, and lots of chunky prizes to be won. Indeed, the Ritz Bingo hall in Kings Lynn made national news late in 2019 when a great-grandmother who had been playing bingo for over 50 years won a £50,000 jackpot.

The site has parking, but it’s limited to 15 cars. There are decent transport links though, and the venue is just a short walk from the town centre.

The cheaper bingo games can be played for as little as £4 per book, and the more expensive games with the bigger prizes cost £15. The Ritz Bingo Hall in Kings Lynn has its own dedicated website but unfortunately when we checked it out, it was down. You are better off sticking to the site’s Facebook page or Twitter site so that you are kept abreast of what’s shaking down at the site.

There are always plenty of special offers available on the Facebook page, and you get the added benefit of managing to contact the staff via the page.

The Ritz Bingo hall only has two bingo session per day – one at 130pm and one at 730pm. Note there is no afternoon session on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.



The Ritz Bingo hall is a historic bingo venue where bingo has been played for sixty years! Why not see if you can make history with a huge jackpot win when you play at the Ritz Bingo hall in Kings Lynn?