Bingo Bonuses

Bingo is probably the globe’s most entertaining and most community-spirited gambling game there! Whether you are playing in the real world at a bingo hall, or online at a licensed bingo site, you’ll experience a thrilling bingo time plus a huge amount of joy when chatting with your bingo besties!

Here at we have put together what we feel to be the internet’s number one bingo portal for bingo players. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play bingo with your buddies in bingo halls, or online using your PC, laptop, phone or tablets, we’ve got you covered!

Eyes down now and read on to discover what makes bingo so special, and so popular.

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Get the Real Bingo Buzz with Bonuses, Both Online and Off!

You can’t beat a decent bingo bonus. When you sign up online for a new bingo-based website, or you step through the doors of a bingo hall for the first time, you should be offered a bonus as an encouragement to make you hang around for a while!

Bingo bonuses are some of the most generous bonuses in the bingo world. For example, you may only need to deposit and spend £10 on bingo tickets to get £40 in bonus cash!

Bingo Bonus Cash Comes With Caveats Meaning You’re Restricted How You Use It

It would be nice if you could just withdraw bonus cash and spend it how you want, but with bingo bonus cash that’s not possible. You will have to spend your bingo bonus cash on bingo tickets, and you won’t be able to withdraw your win before you complete wagering requirements.

You May Also be Able to Play Free Bingo at Popular Bingo Destinations

Some sites, and many real-world destinations will allow you to play bingo for free. Before you get too excited though you’re not going to make your fortune by playing free bingo, no matter how many times you win!

Free bingo is typically offered to new bingo players when they sign up for a site, but only for a limited period only. Other sites may extend that free bingo welcome to the first few weeks or days of membership, or have a specific timeframe during the week where anyone who is a member of the site can get their free bingo fix!

Real world bingo site may offer free bingo promos too! Just keep an eye on the site’s website so you can work out when the best promos are available.

Free Bingo Allows You To Win Cash and Prizes But Again With Caveats

Most bingo games that are free do come with cash prizes, but they will never be the kind of cash prizes that are going to turn you into a bingo millionaire! A prize pot for a free bingo game might be as little as £1, although many sites will offer you weekly or monthly free bingo games for as much as £10. You just have to know where to look, and to keep a close eye on any others that might arise at your favourite online bingo sites, or real-world bingo destinations.

Free Bingo and Bingo Bonus FAQs

Q. What are wagering requirements?

A. They are what you have to do in order to be able to withdraw any free bingo or bonus bingo winnings. If your bonus has a requirement of 4x deposit + bonus, and you deposited £10 to earn £40, then you will need to wager £200 (4 x (£10 + £50)) before you can cash out.

Q. Why spend £200 to gain £10? It makes no sense!

A. You don’t have to ‘spend’ £200 – you just need to wager it. You could spend £200 on tickets and win £300! It’s unlikely that you will win nothing while you are wagering the amount that you are required to wager.

Q. How do I make my wagering requirements?

A. For bingo bonuses, it usually means wagering money by spending them on bingo tickets. If your requirement is £200 (as in our example above), you could buy 10 x £20 tickets, or 100 x £2 tickets – the choice is yours. Once you have used all your tickets, you can withdraw any winnings that you obtained.

Q. Can I only make my wagering requirements on bingo tickets?

A. In the majority of cases, yes. Most bingo sites though have slots games too. You might be able to meet your wagering needs by spending money on slots, if the site permits it.

Q. What types of bingo games are there? Do they all contribute to wagering?

A. If you’re in the UK, then you’ll probably be playing 90-ball bingo in real world bingo halls and online. You might also find 75-ball bingo too in both realms, or 80-ball bingo online. You should be able to use all manner of bingo games in order to meet wagering.